Adding a website to your account
After completing the registration with the verification of your e-mail address, you can add a website in your dashboard with the + New website button

Add the details

Now you can add the link of your website, eg.


Choose who is able to view the stats of your website

  • Private - Only you will be able to see your website stats
  • Public - Everyone you give the link will see your website stats
  • Password - Everyone you give the link and enters your defined password will see your website stats


Activate your automated monthly e-mail reports to keep track on your stats or share the insights with others.

Exclude IPs

Don't want to track yourself? Just add one IP (IPv4) per line to exclude them from tracking.
Don't know what your IP is? Find out here.

Exclude Bots

Keep the most common bots away from spamming your stats. We make sure to keep the list of bots always up to date!

The Code

The code to add to your website is automatically generated and ready for you to copy. All you have to do is to paste it in the head or body section of your website and you're ready!
Last modified 8mo ago