Add to Wordpress


If you are using Wordpress, you are likely using a template to customize and style your website. Most of these templates have a dedicated section to add custom code to the <head> section of your website.
Simply paste your KiraMetrics code into the custom code area and save your changes.
Don't know where to find your KiraMetrics code? Get it here: Adding the code to your website​
That's it! KiraMetrics is successfully integrated with your Wordpress website.

I don't have/find a code field in my template

If your template does not support custom code fields, we recommend using a Wordpress plugin to integrate KiraMetrics with your Wordpress website.
In your Wordpress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add new and look for one of these plugins:
1) Header and Footer Scripts:
2) Header and Footer Code Manager:
3) Insert Headers and Footers:
Paste your code into the <head> or <body> section provided from the plugin and hit save.
Last modified 8mo ago